Loss and still eating crap

Today’s daily food intake…

Weigh in day

Previous weight: 109.1kg.
Today’s weight: 106.8kg.
2.3kg loss

Arghhh when will I learn? I got on the scales this morning and yay me, lost 2.3kg which was surprising considering my blow-out of a weekend and I was pretty super pleased about that. I’ve decided that rather than having a treat meal on Saturday’s I’m going to let myself have treat meal(s) on Wednesday’s. That way I have a week to work it off. I’m going to try and keep within my 1200 calorie limit, but if I do blow it, then I’m not going to cry about, just accept it and do some more exercise.

So what have I not learnt? How to eat sensibly when I go out. Usually Mick and I will go home and have lunch together, we’re lucky that we both get hour lunch breaks and get to take lunch at the same time (even though we work at different places) and considering that it takes me a whole 3 minutes and 45 seconds to drive to work – oh yeah, I timed it – we don’t really run short of time. But me, with my not being super organised realised that we didn’t have all the ingredients for our healthy lamb and salad dinner (from The Biggest Loser cookbook, very yummy btw), so we had to go to the shops to get the ingredients. So while we were out, we thought we’d get lunch and eat on the beach. (If you’ve never been to Port Lincoln, you should totally come over, it’s gorgeous here, beaches everywhere).

So what did we get for lunch? A nice takeaway salad from somewhere? No. Maybe a low fat/calorie Subway? No. A steak sandwich and chips? Surely not you say. Not being on 12WBT, you wouldn’t be that silly would you? Yes, yes I would be that silly. So I have no idea how many calories was in that lunch, but I’m guestimating it at about 800 odd calories. And I thought my hotdog was bad?

So, note to self. Bloody well make sure that I have all the ingredients I need for dinner, so I don’t have to pop to the shops at lunch and run out of time to get a healthy lunch from home. If I do have to go out at lunch, then bloody hell girl, start making some better choices.

I will learn. Eventually.

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