My 12WBT extraordinary story

Well our weekly surprise challenge this week was to do either a video blog or a post explaining why we are extraordinary. I’ve never really thought of myself as extraordinary before, quite the opposite in fact, but I tried to put some coherent thoughts together and wrote it all down, when I thought hmmm why not try a video blog, I mean I write on here all the time, let’s do something new. So voila – here we have it, my first ever video post, explaining why I am extraordinary. It’s a bit of a shocker. It’s just me. I was going to do a whole practice run first, and then go and do my hair, put on some makeup and gussy myself up, but I thought that was a bit silly – I mean, this is me, this is what people see every day, so why pretend to be something else? Oh and there is also a guest appearance by our cat Maximus Catticus. He’s just got to be in the action. Seriously dude!

My 12WBT extraordinary story. from Tina K on Vimeo.

So this is what makes me extraordinary.

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