Nothing new to report

Did I get the balls to go back out there today and run?


Did I do any exercise to make up for the lack of run?

Very little.

Has today completely sucked?


Have been in lots of pain today, I did a little bit more damage to my wrist yesterday than I thought I had, apparently landing the way I did wasn’t a great idea. My palm is all cut and bruised and of course it’s my right hand which I use for everything. Oh and my face looks like a mix between someone with really bad case of cold sores and someone who’s been beaten up. So all round, I’m in a pretty crappy mood today.

The one bright spot is that Mick came home last night and asked how I was going. When I told him I wasn’t sure when I’d get back out there to try jogging again he actually offered to get up with me in the morning and go for a run with me, which is pretty big for him as he is the King of Sleeping In. Made me love him so much more than I already did.

So the plan is tomorrow morning, first thing, we’re going out there for a jog. At least he’ll be there to pick me up if I fall!

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