Perhaps I spoke to soon…..

It seems if your life is going well, then perhaps you should just keep quiet about it and not say anything about it. Cos if you do, you apparently jinx yourself. Let me just say that this has been the worst month of my life.

10 days after my last post, and only 4 days after starting my new job, I left home in the early morning to catch my bus to work, when I tripped over some loose concrete at home and broke my wrist. And it wasn’t just a nice straight forward little fracture, but a break in 3 places, pressing on the nerves break, which required surgery to correct. So I now have a plate stuck in my wrist with lotsa little pins holding it all in place. Which meant a good couple of weeks off work.

As if that wasn’t enough, just when I was starting to get over the pain of my wrist, I ended up back in hospital with pneumonia, which has really knocked me about. So I haven’t actually been to work since the end of November and I’m missing it terribly. I’m hoping to get back in the early new year though.

I don’t have a cast on my wrist, it was taken off two weeks after I broke it, but I have a horrible horrible scar on my wrist that will last me forever now, which makes me look like a failed suicide victim. And I have limited movement in my wrist. Hopefully that’s going to get better, when I start therapy on it in the new year.

And bringing that into focus, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and that you have a fantastic New Year. I reckon mine is gonna be great – can’t be any worse than the last month.

Shall post another update and tell you the good news soon.


  • Marshmallow

    December 27, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    Oh my gosh, Tina! You’ve had a rough time – a friend of mine was hospitalised with Pneumonia (actually… come to think of it… her name is Tina as well, that’s kind of scary. O_O She doesn’t have a broken wrist though, good grief that sounded awful!) on Christmas Eve, so I can imagine how awful and scary that must have been.

    Sending you big hugs from across the ditch. {{{HUGZ}}}

  • Mervi

    February 21, 2009 at 6:38 am

    Tina, are you still out there? I wish you a happy birthday, although I guess it’s already the next day where you live. 🙂

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