Weigh in day today

Oh shit oh shit oh shit!

I have had such a bad week of eating.  Well actually no not really.  Just the last 4 days haven’t been great.  Not been eating properly and have been drinking again.  I kinda fell off and lost all motivation.  It’s not because the food was boring or anything, I just didn’t WANT to eat properly.  Even while eating crap I would be sitting there saying to myself that this was bad, it was dumb, why was I doing this to myself but I still ate crap.

Then I made the fatal decision to go to the pub.  Only really went down there because I was going to go and see Mr Stretch, but I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to go and NOT drink.  I did okay on Thursday night, was sitting there for a couple hours drinking only water, then Mr Stretch decided I needed alcohol like everyone else and bought me a drink – Apple Cruiser no less – full of sugar.  And did I stop at the one drink?  Well no of course not, because 4 hours later I was still drinking.

Lets see, what did I do on Friday night?  Oh yes, I went out drinking and dancing – again drinking all night, and to top it off, I did it all over again on Saturday night.  So I’ve completely buggered up my week of eating properly and I’m fully expecting to put weight on tonight and I really don’t want to go and get weighed because Miss Perky will just give me hell for it – and rightly so.  Wish me luck.

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