12WBT day five – Feeling better

Today I felt so so so much better. I wonder if it could have anything to do with the fact that it was the weekend? I had so many other things to do that I didn’t have time to sit and think about food. I have definitely linked up the fact that I sit at a desk all day with time to think, and the fact that I literally only think about food all the time (there is nothing else to think about).

Today when I woke up I had so much energy and I didn’t feel at all hungry. I got up, got dressed and did my fitness test and felt great. Had a shower and then, and only then, did I have breakfast. Up until that point I hadn’t even thought about eating. I was a little disappointed with the time I did on my 1km time trial. I mapped out my track with the car, so I was happy with it, as it was around home and I knew the streets well. I got out there, started walking at a really good, quick pace and was just about to up the pace with a bit of jogging (big achievement for me – I never jog) and then I hit mud and started sliding. It knocked the wind out of me. All I could think was “Oh Shit, I’m going to fall and break my wrist again”. That was it. My speed slowed right down and I just couldn’t get it back up there again to even think about jogging. Once that fear got back in my head, it was all over red rover for me. I don’t know how to break this (irrational, I know) fear that I am going to fall again and hurt myself. It’s been 18 months since I did it. It’s not going to happen again like it did. But there we go, I let it get in my head and affect my time. I have to work on that for next time.

Overall had an okay day eating. Had to go to the shops to do food shopping today and had such a busy day, and we weren’t home in time for lunch, so we had to do the dreaded Food Mall. OMG the smells of that place nearly did me in. KFC, McDonalds, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, all my favourite foods. In the end I had a lamb yiros, with lettuce, tomato and a tiny tiny bit of garlic sauce. Had the chickpea rissoles for dinner and I have to say that I really quite enjoyed them. Very yummy.

So as I said earlier I did my fitness test today – and am sad to say that with everything else that I had on today I just didn’t get to do any other exercise. But my results for my fitness test were as follows:

1km time trial: 10min 46sec
Pushups: 26 (Intermediate)
(I have to modify my pushups as I have a plate in my right wrist. I have my left hand flat on the ground and my right fist on the ground)
Abdominal Strength Test: Stage 1 – Wrist to kneecaps (I did a whole ONE sit up)
Wall sit: 49seconds
Sit and reach test: -3cm (Intermediate)

Am really looking forward to seeing how much better I do in 4 weeks when I do the fitness test again.

And as usual, here are my daily food and exercise stats:

FoodCalories in
B200g Baked beans in tomato sauce with 2 min paninis342
L3/4 yiros with lettuce, tomato and 2t garlic sauce350
S1 Ferrero Rocher72
DChickpea Rissoles with salad250

ExerciseCalories out

Fitness test125
Calories surplus/defecit-974


  • kathryn

    June 27, 2010 at 11:02 am

    I’ve fallen over a few times running and I know what you mean about having the fear. I got so that I’d really procrastinate (more than usual) because I’d keep thinking if I run, I’ll fall over.

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