Challenges ahead

As part of the 12WBT I have joined a couple of Facebook groups and yesterday I was lurking around on the 12WBT over 30kg to lose group (because, you know, I have 46.1kg to lose, which is a bit!) when I saw a challenge – 2012 kilometers in 2012 – and I thought what a great idea to join this and keep me in line and exercising. I know it doesn’t make me accountable to anyone but myself, but I will know and there is nothing like a challenge to get me going. I’m mildly competitive so even competing against myself should keep me going. Maybe I’ve mentioned how much I detest exercising right? So I need anything that will get me motivated and keep me exercising.

Then this morning I was doing a little more lurking on another Facebook group when I noticed a new challenge. Post a new status on your wall saying that for every like you get you will walk, run (in my case shuffle), ride, swim or crawl if you have to 1km. YES! This is definitely the challenge for me. This one really will keep me accountable to everyone. These are my friends that are encouraging me. I can’t let them down, I have to do what I say I’m going to do. I admit, when I thought about this challenge, there was a teeny tiny hope that maybe no one would like the status, that it would go over largely un-noticed, so I thought why not. Then I posted it. Within a couple of minutes I had 5 likes. That’s okay I can do that. Now, two hours on I’m up to 33 likes, and I still have 22 hours left to leave the status open to likes. I’m now slightly worried.

However – I can combine these two challenges. These 33 kilometres that I have to do can go against my 2012 kilometres, so it’s killing two birds with one stone (sidenote – that really is a horrid saying, why would anyone want to kill a bird?) – I do my (now 38) personal challenge km’s and knock the same off the 2012, thereby hopefully bringing my daily average of km’s down… Because when I worked it out the yesterday I had to do 5.6km a day to keep on track. I’m already behind by 4.6km.

The thing that has me worried though is, am I setting myself up for failure? Am I going in too hard and fast and will I burn myself out. Will I do so much blasted exercise that I end up hating it more and just stopping it all? Or will it hopefully turn me around the other way? Am I going to have so much fun doing this that I end up loving the exercise? I’m hoping for that outcome, but I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’m setting myself up for failure. I know I said that in 2012 I was going to look at the world in a glass half full kind of way and that this is not a half full but half empty way of looking at it, but a lifetime of habit is hard to break just “like that”.

So, who else would like to join me on this little challenge? It’s going to be fun! No really, IT IS!

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