Cold and fluey

Today I was supposed to get back on track with my exercising and get up early and go for a run. I remembered to set my alarm last night and I attempted to have an early night. But that’s about as far as I got with my early morning run. The alarm went off this morning and I turned it right back off again.

I’m very sad to say that I think I’m finally coming down properly with Mick’s flu that he had a couple weeks ago. My body aches, my head especially and I’m so freaking tired, even with a sleep in yesterday and a (relatively) early night last night.

So I didn’t get out there for my run this morning, but I’m going to attempt it again tomorrow. I did however go for my first swimming lesson. I’m on my way to knowing how to swim properly. I learnt how to put my head under the water and raise it to the side to breathe in with my arm strokes tonight. A small thing, that looks so easy, but has always been hard for me. I truly believe I must look like an epileptic jellyfish when I swim, it’s just a bit of a hodge podge effort that gets me from one end of the pool to the other. I do freestyle most of the time, but I just hold my head up and out of the water, which I’m sure is what’s slowing me down. We shall find out as I learn how to do this freestyle thing properly whether it helps my speed increase at the same time.

One lesson down, many to go. But for now, it’s a very early night for me with some cold and flu tablets and the hope that I actually do drag my sorry butt out of bed tomorrow morning for a shuffle.

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