How do you make conversation with an Ice Queen?

You don’t. That is the simple answer. You just don’t bother trying, because after a couple of hours of persistently trying, you will only want to tear your hair out and that gets you no-where (except to the hairdressers for an expensive fix up job on the missing bits of hair!).

I went to see Mr Supportive and Miss Mum for lunch on Saturday. They were having a bbq, and Mr Macho and Mrs IceQueen were there. I like Mr Macho (didn’t when I first met him, cos he put me on edge, but now he’s okay, now that I understand him a bit more), but Mrs IceQueen is someone I just can’t get along with. I was joking with Miss Mum earlier on in the day that I couldn’t wait to see Mrs IceQueen hold ‘lil munchkin, it was just a funny thought to me, because she really isn’t a babies type person. Well I was right about that. Apparently she refused to hold him, at least until he is older and can support his head. To be honest, now is the time you want to hold them (hurts them less if you drop them – JUST JOKING PEOPLE!).

So I was sitting outside, trying (in vain I might add) to make conversation with her. I’m not a person who is ever really stuck for words. I can talk till the cows come home, with pretty much anyone, but not with her. And what was with all the looks down her nose she kept giving me? Ah I could rant all day about her, but I won’t.

Let’s talk about her husband instead….. Or maybe not. I don’t sleep with other womens’ husbands, but he is one that I would like to. (And if you repeat that one Miss Mum, I will hold munchkin to ransom…….) So maybe I will leave that discussion for a while too.

On gym news, I’m going back again today. Been sick the last couple of weeks and the gym has suffered because of that. There was just no motivation (or energy) to go. I went last week to see Miss Perky, and she was very gentle with me, but after only half an hour, I went home. Felt like I was cheating myself, but just couldn’t stay. Now I’ve lost the motivation that I had, and I’m finding it really hard to get back there and get back into the swing of going to the gym. So this is the week that I really apply myself and make sure I go every day. Must get back on track and start losing weight again. Wish me luck.

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