Is there such a thing as a weekend alcoholic?

Well it’s Monday again.  The weekend has come and gone.  And so has my healthy eating.  It came along briefly on Friday night and then it went awol until this morning.  Oh and the healthy drinking (of water and such) that lasted all of one, let me say it again ONE drink.  On Friday.  And then out came the wine.  And there was lots of it.

I have come to the realisation that I am a weekend alcoholic.  During the week I can quite easily say no to alcohol.  I can be offered free alcohol and still say no.  But on the weekends I find it quite hard to say no.  And invariably I don’t say no, but yes.  Yes. YES YES YES.  And then yes again.  It’s like it becomes my drug.  And I can be guaranteed that when I wake up on Saturday or Sunday morning I’m regretting how much I drank.  Sometimes while I’m drinking at the pub, I’m regretting it.  But I still bloody well drink don’t I? 

I realise that this is going to be a problem for the whole get healthy weight loss thing, but I’m not really sure how to get over it.  Avoiding the pub and friends isn’t really going to help all that much I don’t think, because I will be at home, with easy access to my gazillion bottles of alcohol (all of which I have won at the pub lately………) and then there is the T.V. and access to greasy fatty food, which if I’m sitting at home with, I know I will indulge in.  Perhaps if I actually got off my arse a bit more lately and went to the gym more than once or twice a week I might have more motivation to actually not drink and un-do the work I’ve done.  But then on the same token, you would think that I wouldn’t want to un-do the work that I have done up till now.  I’m not sure and it all requires careful consideration.  So for now, I leave you all while I go and do some more work…..

But before I go – quick update on love life.  Mr Terrorist is back with his ex-girlfriend, who I now get to see at the pub every other day, not a lot of fun and she keeps giving me dirty looks (like I did anything wrong???) and it turns out that she is 42, and has a 16 year old son.  Mr. Terrorist is only 31.  So I feel about this big (imagine me holding my fingers reallllyyyyy close together, thats how big I feel) for being passed over *sigh* (not that I’m ageist I would just like to say), which brings me onto my toyboy.  He has been texting me again and again, and I have to say, while I’m not really interested (because in this instance I am a little ageist and he’s a little too young for me) it is still quite flattering to have someone that interested in you that they just keep pursuing you.  Also slightly annoying, but as Miss Crazy said – beggers can’t be choosers….  So, still no love life, but at least it’s a little more interesting.

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