Miss Perky… Not so perky…

As the title says, Miss Perky is not all perky.  She’s a terror!  Okay that might be a slight exaggeration.  But she was definately hiding her true steely self behind her perkiness last week.  While she is still a very nice person (and she really is quite nice), she wasn’t about to take any excuses of mine as to why I didn’t want to do this or that.

Maybe I might have whined a little when I got there, but I really didn’t whine too much.  Just your standard amount, when you’re exercising and really don’t want to be there.  I had better things to be doing.  Like getting notes ready for my students on Friday, but nope, I had to get straight on the bike when she came over to meet me.  There was the obligatory “Hello how are you going today?  Had a good week?”  Not even waiting for my answers, there was then this “Okay, on the bike please”.  (Though I have to say she said it with the right amount of perkiness that I was fooled for a couple minutes).  It was when she started leaning over and adjusting the tension (maybe not the right word to use here, but I’m sticking with it.) on the bike while I was riding it and it was getting harder and harder to keep up my end of her perky conversation, that I realised she is evil!  Pure perky evil!!  But good.  I will give her that.  She did it all so fluidly and quickly and quietly that I almost didn’t notice.

I did however notice the lunges that Miss Perky had me doing.  I can just imagine myself walking down Rundle Mall doing these lunges.  I looked like a raving lunatic.  Quite funny actually.  And god did they work my thighs.  My legs were burning and then they felt like jelly.  It was a nice feeling because I actually knew that I was doing something right.

So next week back to see Miss Perky, but this time I am ready for her.  I will be perfect in everything I do, and I won’t whine and she will be super impressed with me (and it’s right about this time I think I will wake up!!!), but seriously I shall do better next week.  And I won’t keep thinking of her as Miss Evil Perky……

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