The Pit

What do you affectionately refer to your workplace as?  I refer to my workplace as “The Pit”.  It wasn’t actually me who coined the phrase, it was M.  I don’t think either of us particularly hate the place – well I know I don’t hate it hate it, but it probably isn’t the place I would choose to spend the best part of my week at if I had a choice in the matter.  So I don’t think M hates it either, but one day while I had a class I got an email from her (at home, she was – [the bitch!!]) and she asked me how “The Pit” was.  And it stuck.

The place really can feel like a pit at times, especially on Fridays, when there is hardly anyone around.  There is a particular workgroup here, who have somehow managed to arrange their class schedules so that they have none on Fridays.  So there are just the few of us suckers who are here.  And today is turning into a PIT of a day.  I got in this morning to find out that I.T. had kindly come in during the week and re-written the hard drive on the lecturer machine, so that all my class notes for today were gone.  Not only that, exercise files, that took me hours – gone.  Oh and all those websites I had linked, as good resources for the students.  You guessed it – GONE.  So I phoned D up in I.T. and asked him what’s going on – his nice and friendly response to me was – “You should have backed up, shouldn’t you?” 

Let me tell you something D – I would have backed everything up – IF YOU HAD WARNED ME!!!!!  So everything has been going downhill today.  Not in a good mood, so just counting down the hours till I can go to the gym and take my frustrations out on the rower.  If the evil leg swingy thing from hell was working, then I would go on that, but for now I can live with the rower. Then I can go and pick my dog up from the vet (just having a haircut he is), and then – then I’m going to relax.  It’s the weekend THANK GOD.

Oh and if anyone has any ideas on how to combat colic in a baby, please head over to Bel’s site and give her some tips.  (Hope you still want tips Bel).
Chow for now…..

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