Friends leaving

Mr Muscles left for the UK yesterday.  He’s gone over there to marry Miss English.  I miss him.

I could leave that post there, but that’d be a waste of a post.  But really, it’s the truth.  I miss him.  I didn’t really spend that much time with him, I spent more time with Miss English while she was here, but since she’s been gone I saw a bit more of him (not a lot though).  So it feels a little weird to miss him, and I don’t know if its him that I miss or the fact that our group is getting smaller and things are changing. (Sorry Mr Muscles, I really do miss you, so Miss English don’t read that the wrong way!!)

Twelve months ago, we had a nice tight knit little group.  There were 6 of us, well 7 if you count Mr Dickhead.  Then things started changing.  First Mr Dickhead went back home to the UK, then Miss Moody stopped working at the pub where we pretty much all met up and drank and talked and ran amok, broke up with her other half, got a new other half.  Then Mr Supportive stopped working at the pub and got Miss Mum pregnant, Miss Mum got pregnant, Miss English went back home to the UK, Miss Mum had the baby and now Mr Muscles has stopped working at the pub too and gone to the UK.  None of the original lot of us are really at the pub anymore except me – and I don’t really like half the new people working there.  They aren’t MY friends, like the others were.

Did you notice that I never mentioned anything happening to me.  While everyone’s life seems to be changing and updating, things are just kind of coasting along for me.  I know that things have changed.  Hell I’m going to the gym now, that’s a big change for me, but it just seems that all these major upheavals have been happening in everyone’s lives, except me.  The most drastic thing to happen to me was Mr Dickhead leaving (and if I’m completely honest with myself – which happens so rarely – that was the best thing to happen for me as much as I hate to admit it).  Okay and I had family dramas which were big and nothing to make light of and my job changed.  But these just seem to me to be minor changes.  Even though I know that they aren’t.  But really, compared to having a child – they’re minor.  And while I love Connor to bits, I have to admit I’m glad that my life didn’t change that drastically by having a child.  I don’t honestly think I could cope with that right now.  (Hell that would really stuff the gym up wouldn’t it).

So I’ve been sitting here thinking today, where will we all be in another twelve months?  I miss the closeness that we all shared back then, because it all seems to be drifting away, and I want to be able to drag it all back in, even though I know I can’t, that people grow, change and move on.  I just hope that we are all still friends, even if we don’t all get to see each other all the time.

In June next year, I’m planning on going to the UK for what I’m going to be calling “The Wedding of the Year” (or TWotY for short).  Miss Moody will be going, her new half will be going, Miss Mum and Mr Supportive are thinking of going.  It’s going to be like a big reunion (except Mr Dickhead won’t be there – again, not a bad thing).  I just hope that my boss gives me the holidays and that we can all get there and we can all be together again, even if it’s only for a few days…….

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