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I’ve just been over at Dooce.  Bel was telling me about Heather’s latest post where she was publishing her hate mail, so I had to go over and have a read.  I love Dooce, but I don’t get there as often as I would like because I just don’t have the time to read all the blogs I love all the time.  But I went over and read, in particular her hate mail.

I don’t get it!!!!  Why would you send hate mail to someone, telling people that they shouldn’t write about things going on in their lives.  Why shouldn’t Heather write about her cancer? Or her daughter?  Or her dog?  It’s Heathers little bit of the net.

I’m all for free speech.  I believe in it.  I am proud of the fact that I live in a country where I can voice my opinion.  I’m prouder of the fact that I can voice my opinion on the Internet and let everyone know.  What I’m not proud of is people who decide that rather that just not reading a post that they obviously find boring (I personally love the letters that Heather writes to her daughter every month, it’s such a beautiful idea), people decide that they need to tell Heather NOT to write about it.

And not to try and offend people here, but BUGGER OFF!!!  If you don’t like what we as bloggers write – don’t come back.  If you don’t like the fact that I write (and whinge a lot) about my trials and tribulations of going to the gym, it’s really simple – don’t read my little piece of the Internet.  Find another blog, one that has writing to your tastes, but please don’t ever feel the need to send me an email or a comment telling me that my writing is crap, that I’m boring blah blah blah.  I know all this, but I don’t give a fuck!  I write this for myself.  And so long as I’m staying true to myself, then I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of me.  And I’m glad that by the looks of it, Heather feels the same.

But I think CrankMama says it best in her comment to Dooce: Wow! These ARE hateful. The bad juju just hops off the page. I need a shower. You are lovely… and they are gross cancerous grapefruits! I love it – gross cancerous grapefruits.  I think I know some people like that…..

Okay done with my venting for the day.  Let’s hope that tomorrow has a more positive outlook on life.

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