My epiphany

I woke up this morning, all bleary eyed from having another late night last night and went into the kitchen, with all the good intentions of making myself a good wholesome bowl of porridge for breakfast. I opened the cupboard, looked at the oats and thought – “Nope, this is just way too hard for me this morning”, so I went instead for the option of toast, with low fat cheese – a particular favourite. Okay, so the alternative wasn’t as bad as it could have been (think lashings of peanut butter on toast with masses of margarine as well), but it still wasn’t really the right choice. I didn’t take the time to accurately measure out my margarine spread (which I’m happy to say is a low fat, olive oil type spread thing – still tastes like margarine to me though lol), and didn’t take time to actually sit down and count out exactly how much calories I had consumed in the one sitting, or rather how much I was about to shove into my mouth at the start of the day. So I did that at lunch – and my breakfast came in at a whopping 410 calories (with my guestimated calorie count for the margarine spread). Compare this to my wholesome porridge with a banana for breakfast yesterday which came in at only 265 calories, and this little light bulb went off in my head:

  • I need to go to bed at a decent hour, and get some proper rest; and
  • I need to be more organised.

Without these two things, I am already setting myself up for failure. Because I know, that if I go to bed late tonight, then when I get up tomorrow morning, I’m going to go for the easy toast option again. I also know, that as much as I will be thinking I should, I won’t actually measure out my margarine, and because I ate the last of the cheese this morning, I will probably end up going down the peanut butter route. Even though I know I shouldn’t. Because I’m tired and it’s easy – it will happen. I know myself that well now.

I also really need to start getting my lunches prepared at night time. I did okay yesterday (which was the first day that I have followed a set eating plan). I had myself down for a tuna salad for lunch. Great, tuna in a can is easy to prepare. The salad, well, I thought to myself on Sunday night, “no time for this, I’ll do it in the morning”. Did I? Well no, it was a lot like breakfast this morning. No time, no energy and no real kick in the butt from myself to pull all the veggies out and start cutting. So it comes to lunch and I’m thinking, hmmm what am I going to eat with my tuna. I know, I’ll have some 2 minute noodles. Wrong choice! I’m glad I stopped and took the time to check the calories on one of those – Oh My God. I can’t believe I have been eating them. So I did the right thing, took myself off for a walk to town at lunch time to try and find someone who actually just sold salad. Straight past the Chinese Noodle place, straight past KFC, straight past McDonalds – and god did they all smell divine. I finally found a little Yiros shop, that just sold tubs of salad, so I took my salad box, marched straight back into the office, mixed my tuna in and felt well proud of myself. I had gotten exercise at lunch, and I had managed not to succumb to the pleasures (instant pleasures) of KFC or Maccas. But I really shouldn’t be that proud of myself. I should have not been so lazy on Sunday night and actually prepared my salad in advance – which I did last night.

So I suppose the moral of this post is – Tina, stop being lazy. Go to bed at a decent hour at night, get some proper rest, because those black bags under your eyes are trying to tell you something. And for godssakes try and be more organised. When you go home tonight and start cutting up your veggies for dinner, cut some extras, pop them in a bowl and bring them with you to work tomorrow. If it makes it easier for you in the morning, measure out your oats, milk and water, so that all you have to do in the morning is pop it into the microwave – I’m sure peeling a banana is something even you can do first thing without taxing yourself too much!

But for now, I think I need to go and add a couple more goals to my list of goals – More sleep, more organisation.

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