The excitement is starting to wear off

Today’s daily food intake…

So the novelty of last week’s start of exercise is now starting to wear off and the whole exercise thing is beginning to be a chore again. I knew the high wouldn’t last, but I thought it might last a bit longer than a week. But today, the thought of having to exercise just filled me with the thought of “oh god – again?? Why??” But I did it. Went to the pool and did laps – 1km of them, and managed to knock 5 minutes off my time, which was great. But tonight I’m just so tired again. I need a good night’s sleep.

I also really need to work out a menu plan for next week. I didn’t do one this week and while I’ve been pretty good with keeping in my calorie limit, I know I’m still eating too much, especially meat. I find I do so much better when I have an actual meal plan to follow, rather than just winging it. So tomorrow night will be spent organising next weeks meal plan so that I have a good shopping list ready for Saturday.

That’s tomorrows plan though. My pan right now? Go to bed and sleep. Night all.

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