What do I weigh?

It’s been two weeks since I was weighed and it’s bothering me that I’ve gotten so slack with keeping up on that information. I feel as if I have been doing the right things, eating well (mostly, give or take a bit of junk food here or there), and I’m drinking lots of water, but then there was all that alcohol I had over the weekend. There was a lot of it!

First on Thursday night – I got very very drunk (as I’m sure you would know if you read the previous post), then on Friday I went to the pub to have a sugar free redbull and ended up drinking them with vodka (thanks Mr Crow). Saturday went out with my younger sister and drank again, saw Mr Chef and had another drink, then Sunday was Mr English’s birthday and there was a LOT of drinking (again damn those Smirnoff double blacks. And the Jager bombs). So it was 4 days of pretty much steady drinking. Which you would know from the beginning of this blog I have always said was my downfall. I like alcohol and I like it too much.

So, I haven’t been to the gym since the beginning of last week, and I haven’t weighed myself, so I have no idea how the hell I’m going. And it’s becoming a bit of a pattern to not weigh myself every week. And I’m beginning to find it harder to stay on track if I don’t weigh myself all the time. I think I’m going to have to drag my arse to the gym tonight just so I can weigh myself. Does anyone else have problems staying on track with losing weight if they stop weighing themselves? Does anyone find they do better with losing weight when they don’t weigh themselves? I’m curious.

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