What’s been going on

Okay so I did come back last week and I put a post in and then I got busy again.  What can I say – real life has just gotten in the way of everything.  But I’m going to try and get back into posting.  Really.

So what has been going on in my life you ask?  Well okay you probably don’t but I’m going to tell you. Well to start:

1) I had to give my dog away!  That was pretty much the most massive thing that has happened, and while that doesn’t seem like such a big deal, I should point out that I don’t have kids.  I had my dog.  He was my baby.  The unit that I moved into, that was supposed to be the best thing and get me out of problems at home, turned out to be the worst thing I have done.  I took over my sisters lease in the knowledge that I was allowed to have pets, in particular Spike.  Well it turns out that I’m not allowed to have pets.  Even though I put it on my application form and they accepted me with that on my application, turns out they didn’t read it and I’m not allowed pets.  So I had to find a new home for my baby.  I couldn’t move, had just gotten into the place, didn’t have the spare $1000+ that it was going to cost me to get out of my lease and get the bond for a new place, so giving up my baby was pretty much the only thing I could do.  The only positive out of that was the lady who took him absolutely adores him and he is spoiled rotten.  She’s said she is quite happy for me to go and visit him, but I haven’t as yet.  I think it’s going to hurt too much to see him, knowing I can’t take him home.  I still wake up at night having had dreams about stealing him back…..

2) I bought a cat.  Okay so I had to give my baby away and I’m not allowed pets.  But the place was so empty and quiet and it was driving me nuts.  So I have snuck a cat into my place.  He’s a little black kitten (named Cruiser, after Kristov Vodka Cruiser Blacks….. another alcohol reference in my life hmmmm…..) and he’s very cute. He is going to be a big cat, and best of all he is very quiet, so the neighbours don’t know that I have him…..  I haven’t really gotten as attached to him as I was hoping, but I’m sure I will as I get over losing Spike.

3) My whole staying away from men thing didn’t happen. Again.  Yeah well less said about that the better I suppose.  All I can say is that I like multicultural men (okay read that as, I like Irishmen…..) and apparently, looking at my recent trends, I like younger men.  You will all be pleased to know though, that the little merry-go-round that was Mr English and Mr Hottie has stopped and I have got off the ride.  Well I’m happy about that anyway.

4) I have finally got back to the gym.  Admittedly this only happened last Friday, and I’m in masses of pain right now, but I really do finally feel better.  I didn’t realise just how much I had missed it, but I really had.  Miss Perky quit the gym though, so I have a new trainer.  Haven’t come up with a name for her yet, I’m giving her a couple of sessions to work her out.  She’s very nice, and she seems quiet, but she is determined and she pushes me really hard.  I don’t think I have really ever worked out quite that much at the gym.  She has taken me on and started a new 12 week plan to get me going, with a big focus on weights.  Which I think is fantastic.  She has given me exercises and a plan to do during the week which I am to stick to – and during out PT sessions, she is going to focus on weights.  She seems positive that we can tone my arms up properly, which I am getting excited about.  To have nice arms will be fantastic.

Well that was only a very generalised re-cap of the last couple of months, but in all honesty, nothing has happened.  My life really was just about work, work, work.  I was working so much I didn’t have time to do very much else.  Except on weekends, but then it was all just drinking and dancing – you know my drill……  But this is a time of change.  I have stopped smoking again (okay only 3 weeks into it so far, not getting that excited cos we all know that I’m good at quitting for a couple months then starting again) and today is my first official day of detoxing.  No alcohol for a whole month.  I am doing this with Mr Gay.  Personally I think the whole detoxing thing is going to be the most challenging thing I’ve done all year.  I’ll keep you posted.  Till next time…..


  • Marshmallow

    May 21, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    Its great to hear about all that’s been going on in Tinaland – I’m really interested in hearing how it goes with your new personal trainer, and all the best with the alcohol detox and getting off the cigarettes!

    You must’ve been so gutted when you had to give away your dear Spike 🙁 But you have Marshy! [yeah I know… I’m no substitute for a sweet dog]

  • Mervi

    June 11, 2007 at 7:28 pm

    How could they do that when you mentioned your dog in your application?! I’m SO furious to hear that! But I’m glad you managed to find Spike a great home. 🙂

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