Who I am

Quick post for today. I came across this little list over at Dream Book Design, and I thought what a fantastic idea. So yes, here is my list, a little more about Who I am. Enjoy, or not, it’s up to you really:

  • I am…a partner, bonus mum (or stepmum as some people call it, to me that sounds harsh, so I say bonus mum), daughter, sister, godmother and a friend.
  • I want…a baby. So much that it hurts a lot when friends tell me they’re having one and I am still not having one.
  • I have… a wonderful partner who I love so much.
  • I wish…that there was more time in the day for me to get all the things done that I need to, and some leftover for the things I want to do.
  • I hate…how one person in my family has ruined so many lives and that other people can’t see it.
  • I fear…death. I fear losing the people I love more than anything.
  • I hear…what I choose to.
  • I search…for a job that I really love and can “own” again.
  • I wonder…what Maximus is really thinking when he comes smooching up for a pat, or just lies on his blanket watching us.
  • I regret…the rift with my mum and wish I could fix it.
  • I love…my nearest and dearest and Maximus.
  • I ache…in my wrist, all the time, I wish it would stop.
  • I always…wash my hair, brush my teeth and get dressed. Then I start the always obsessing about something thing.
  • I usually…get lazy on the weekends and don’t get everything done that needs doing.
  • I am not…fit. I’m working on it though.
  • I dance…in my head all the time. In reality, very little. (Does Zumba count as dancing?)
  • I sing…every day in the car, with the window down. And badly.
  • I never…know what to write in cards, so I always write the same thing again and again, depending on the occasion.
  • I sometimes..”forget” to take meat out of the freezer when I don’t want to cook. Then it’s takeaway. (It’s not often, I promise.)
  • I cry…all the time. I cannot watch Snow Dogs, because it sends me into a bawling mess.
  • I am not always…the nicest person – I can be a bitch too.
  • I lose…respect for people who cheat “the system” for their own personal gain.
  • I am confused…by how I can eat well and exercise consistently two weeks in a row and lose such different amounts of weight. WHY? It’s hard enough as it is *cry*
  • I need…to stop worrying about the little things and more about the important things.
  • I should…be more vigilant with my exercising. That’s also a work in progress.

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