12WBT day two – Still on track

Am absolutely knackered today. Been a big day of work and exercising and a late night last (which I MUST stop doing). So tonight is just a very quick post with today’s stats. Only because I still have dishes to do and I need a little bit of down time before I go to bed tonight. So stats for today:

FoodCalories in
BPorridge with 2t brown sugar, mixed fruit and 1/2 cup milk300
S1 Forme Vanilla yoghurt and 140g carrot135
LThai Beef Salad310
S1 Orange & 50g celery75
DCajun chicken with sweet potato wedges & avocado salad300


ExerciseCalories out
35 minute power walk at lunchtime (Average heart rate 138)300
46 minute bike ride and power walk 441
Calories surplus/defecit-1484

Oh and did everyone else find the Thai Beef Salad absolutely huge and so yummy and delicious because I certainly did.

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