A strange thing happened today

Today’s daily food intake…

What might that thing be you asked? I exercised. Not so strange you might say, having been reading my blog and the exercise I’ve been doing this week. Well the strange thing about this was that today was my rest day. Sunday’s have always been put down as a rest day, a day when everyone can take a break from the exercise (though really, we could choose any day, so long as we exercised 6 days a week), but I’ve always chosen Sunday’s as my rest day.

But I woke up this morning, and pottered around the house doing a little tidying up and made a nice healthy Tuna salad for Mick and I for lunch, when I convinced Mick to finally set the Wii up again (it’s been sitting in the box since we moved into the house over four months ago). So he set it all up, and I got my balance board out of the box too. I sat there looking at it and looking at the games and yep – I went for the games.

Literally not five minutes into playing Hells Kitchen I got bored, and then I started feeling guilty. Guilty for not exercising. Here I was sitting down playing games when I could get up off my butt and play with the Wii Fit, which is like playing a game, but exercising at the same time. I cannot believe I felt guilt.

Guilt. For not exercising. Me. I promise you, this is a definite first for me. Never have I ever felt guilty for not exercising, even when I’ve blown off the gym for something completely random.

So, there I was in the living room, doing the Wii Fit step games. And funnily enough, I burnt 414 calories. Though truth be told, I’m beginning to wonder if there might be something wrong with my HRM because at one point my heart rate was at 208, and I was barely puffing – I’d think I’d be dead if my heart rate was that high. But hey, a nice tidy 50 odd minutes of exercise and it left me just feeling good, so for that alone, the calories burnt are negligible.

I’m still stunned. But I’m excited too, that maybe, just maybe this time I might actually make a really good go of this 12WBT, because my mindset seems to be shifting ever so slightly over to healthy.

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