Best laid plans

Today’s daily food intake…

I had all the best intentions of the world in getting up early this morning to go for a walk/run/jog/shuffle and start the C25K app that I download, oh about a million years ago and which has been sitting on my phone doing, well, nothing. However, to actually wake up early, one must set one’s alarm clock so that you don’t sleep till your normal time. And if you do happen to wake up earlier, one should not roll over, look at the clock and then think “hell no, I’ll do it tomorrow”. Which is precisely what I did.

So all the great intentions I had of doing some exercise before I get ready and go to work in the mornings went right out the door (without me). I’m really trying wanting to amp up my exercise and do more than what I am currently doing, so I was planning on doing the C25K app at least three times a week in the mornings before work, hoping to do maybe 4 or 5 days. Now I just need to get my butt out of bed in the mornings and do it. (JFDI)

Which brings me to pre-season task #2 – list our excuses. I’m pretty sure I need to put this down as an excuse, and start working out a way that I’m going to solve it. Because it’s been frustrating me all day. Which for me, is rather strange – Tina, being frustrated by not exercising. That is something new and completely un-Tina-like. Maybe I’m finally starting to grow up and take notice of the things I learn? At nearly 36 years old, that’s not bad…

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