Just another day

Today’s daily food intake…

I wish I could say that I had exciting adventures today, but really, it was just another day. Nothing exciting, nothing hugely mind blowing – Just. Another. Day.

Which is probably a good thing. There were no struggles with food intake, I didn’t even struggle with getting myself to the pool to do some exercise. This is starting to scare me – three days in a row of exercise, which is probably a bloody record for me, I’ve never been that regular with my exercising.

I did do the right thing though, instead of driving to the pool to do my laps, (like I did last time and have done many times – not to go swimming, just to go to the pub next door lol) I walked there. Having just moved to the neighbourhood (hell having just moved to the town in general) I still get myself a bit misplaced. I knew it was close, but I had no idea how easy it was to walk to from our place. Just down the road, over a bridge and voila I’m there, whereas if I drove it’s allllll the way around the block and takes me almost as long to drive there as it did to walk (which by the way took about 3:45 or ONE WHOLE SONG!). So to cut that long winded story short, I walked to the pool and then home again, after doing my laps of course. 1km of laps done, so including my walk (and the extra 400mtrs from yesterday’s ride), that’s a total of 2km’s I can shave off my “like” challenge.

I’m getting excited for next Wednesday now. Surely with eating right and exercising like I am I should lose some weight? So excuse me now, I’m off to watch Ghost. Ahh the wonderful Patrick Swayze.

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