The hike of my life

Okay so enough of my whingeing about the hike on Sunday (though really, I have so much more whingeing left in me – honest). It really was overall just a beautiful weekend. We left early on Saturday morning and took a nice leisurely drive down through Victor Harbour, ending up in Deep Creek Conservation park about 3ish. We had a bit of a drive around looking at the different camp sites and some of the different views – Blowhole beach was just beautiful, especially in the hot weather we were having. The campsites were all very much on the main strip so to speak, nothing that was really off the beaten path, like we would normally have gone to, but as we were camping with some people from Mick’s work, we had to take them into account, and they really wanted something that had a toilet. We don’t normally camp where they have toilets available, because that means there will be people there, and we like the seclusion that comes with camping.

Blowhole beach

Standing by Blowhole beach

Had a really nice, relaxing afternoon on Saturday, just lazing around and talking and drinking (the wine came out for me, and it wasn’t long before I was getting tipsy – stopped at that point). I’m not at all a night owl anymore, even though evening is my favourite time of the day, but by 10 o’clock I was ready for sleeping. I managed to hold out till about 11pm, but then I crashed it.

Got to have a really nice sleep in on Sunday, then we got up and bummed around for a while. The people who were with us decided to go for a walk pretty early on, but we decided to pack up first, knowing that we would have to leave pretty much as soon as we got back from the walk. God do I wish that we hadn’t done that walk now.

We chose a “moderate” walk. One that was only supposed to have a few steep inclines, but one that could be completed by pretty much anyone. Note it was moderate and not a “hard” walk! We set out on the 6.4km return trip to Deep Creek Cove.

The sign lied!

The first half hour of the walk wasn’t too bad. Of course, that might be because the first half hour of the walk was pretty much even ground, not a lot of rocks, and although it was heading down the hill (cliff really….) it was a moderate climb down, and not hugely noticeable. Then we hit the rocks. Then the steep inclines. I don’t know how many times I stumbled over those rocks and put out my hand to steady myself only to nearly fall because I don’t have the strength in my wrist to hold me up. I believe at that point I said to Mick that I wanted to turn around and go back to camp, but he convinced me to persevere. (In hindsight, I’m glad I did, but I’d have been just as happy to turn back – honest).

The view from the top of Deep Creek Cove

Don't leave me

It looks fairly flat - IT'S NOT!

Looking out over the other cliffs and ocean

We finally got out at the cove and it was gorgeous. It was a tiny little inlet, where the freshwater meets the seawater, and I’d have been quite content to stay there for the rest of the day. But no, we had to get back.

Deep Creek Cove, still getting there

Deep Creek Cove

Tina loves Mick

Sweet moment

This is where the pain sets in. I should also point out that we didn’t bring our sunscreen with, and it was a 35degree day. Sun was belting down when we set back to the top, and I could feel myself burning with every step I took. But it was trying to get back up those steep inclines we had come down that really did me in. Managed to pull my groin muscle and was trying to limp up the steps, when all I could feel was my heart thumping and thumping, not just in my chest, but all over. It was like my body was one huge pulse. Not good, I swear I almost had a heart attack. But we finally reached the beginning and it was there that I just sat down and wouldn’t move until I’d drunk about 2 litres of water.

Part of what we came down

Got to go back up that!

By yesterday, the pain had completely set in and walking wasn’t much of an option for me. Muscles have pulled up a little better today, but the sunburn has really set in now, and is starting to blister. I’m not a pretty picture at the moment. The scary thing is: there is a really stupid part of me that would like to do that hike (I refuse to call it a walk, it wasn’t a walk) again. But in cooler weather next time, and with a lot more water along with me. Course, stand me at the top of that cliff and ask me, I might change my mind.

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