What I have learned about sunburn

Well I went to the gym last night.  I did the Body Combat and the Body Balance classes.  By the end of Body Balance I was so nice and relaxed (okay I was so worn out I was practically dying on the spot) I didn’t want to spoil it by pumping things up again with a round of Body Jam.  I wish Fernwood would revise that schedule and maybe move Body Jam and Body Balance around.  Would suit me fantastically (and it’s all about me you know). 

So anyway, I’m sitting on the ground stretching out my legs in one pose or another (they all have weird names that I can’t remember) and I noticed my legs looked funny.  Now I know what you’re all saying, because I say it all the time myself.  Tina your legs always look funny.  They are funny fat legs!  Well I now had funny fat BLISTERY legs. 

Yes everyone.  Apparently when you get sunburnt and you have yet to peel, but you’re almost at the point of peeling, when you sweat, your legs blister.  Not in a painful blistery way that makes you cry in pain.  You just end up with a gazillion tiny little sweat blisters all over your goddamn funny fat legs, that you look at with pain…..

But on the plus side I’m thinking that it was a good thing for a couple of reasons:
1. I know I had a great workout.  I didn’t get the sweat-sy back (If you have not yet read Marshmallows sweat-sy back post, do yourself a favour now and go and read it), no but I got sweaty legs.  Which were proven by the amount of blisters all over my legs.  So I know I worked hard, and I know that although I was in pain because of so long away from the gym, I had done myself some good.
2. It now means that my legs have started peeling.  Because again, apparently, if you run your hand over the blisters and they pop, when your legs dry, they have got the little ring of popped blister happening, which starts the peeling process.  And that means the sooner the peeling starts, the sooner it stops and the sooner I can start wearing skirts and dresses again, and get out of hot hot jeans (in 40 degress weather that’s a horrible thing to wear).

On the downside, I now look like a leper with funny fat legs, with skin coming off in various places.  Life is just never fair is it??


  • Miss mum

    January 19, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    You already know how I feel about this but im going to tell everyone else.. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED…..
    Your sunburn was very bad. You should be thinking about the future. What if you get skin cancer. You’ve given up smoking to try and make yourself healthier and you go do something stupid like that.. Im not happy.
    God I really do sound like a mum…..

  • Marshmallow

    January 20, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    I am fortunate enough to have never had sunburn – nonetheless I am petrified of it and have loads of different sunscreens since someone I knew when I was younger got skin cancer as a result (and you do know, being downunder makes us more susceptibale to skin cancer than if we got sunburnt in say, Greece?)

    And it puzzles me as to why your gym would offer Body Balance BEFORE Body Jam – I don’t think there’s a single day when Body Balance is before a cardio class in my gym; and it makes sense too.

    Cheers for the linkage 😀 Hope you DO get a swea-sy back at some point, it feels so gewd!

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