2011 re-cap

Happy New Year everyone out there. I hope that you all had a great 2011 and that the coming year is going to be smashing for you all and that every single one of your hopes and dreams for the future come to pass. I’ve avoided looking at this blog for quite a few months,

Who I am

Quick post for today. I came across this little list over at Dream Book Design, and I thought what a fantastic idea. So yes, here is my list, a little more about Who I am. Enjoy, or not, it’s up to you really: I am…a partner, bonus mum (or stepmum as some people call it,

Best laid plans

I had grand plans last weekend to do sewing and reading so that I can make some headway into my 2011 To Do list. Well……. Needless to say by the tone of this post that it didn’t really happen. I woke up nice and early on Saturday (6.45am – ugh – why does Mick have