Is there such a thing as a weekend alcoholic?

Well it’s Monday again.  The weekend has come and gone.  And so has my healthy eating.  It came along briefly on Friday night and then it went awol until this morning.  Oh and the healthy drinking (of water and such) that lasted all of one, let me say it again ONE drink.  On Friday.  And

Why isn’t chocolate healthy?

I had this horrible horrible craving for chocolate today.  Not just any old chocolate.  But Cadbury’s fruit & nut chocolate.  I love that.  When I’m feeling down, or hungry or having a cup of coffee or just because.  I’m not a real big chocolate fan to start with, I usually prefer savoury things, but when I


I have come to the realisation that I have problems trying to do more than one thing at a time.  I’m having problems trying to juggle work, the gym and having a life.  No I shouldn’t say having a life, because going to the gym has become a part of my life now.  I’m having