Back on with everything

Okay I had a little bit of a meltdown the other day.  Monday was a pretty bad day in general, Monday night even worse.  It wasn’t the whole gaining 400gm, because in the scheme of things, that’s an acceptable weight gain, considering all the shit that I ate last week.  I was actually expecting to weigh in a lot more, so was happy it was only 400gm.  Home life wasn’t the best on Monday though, and that was pretty much enough to push me over the edge.

But I’m back now.  And it’s happy go lucky Tina again.  Eating better this week.  Not shovelling junk into my mouth every 5 seconds.  Though I do feel hungry this week.  I don’t really understand the whole “really hungry” thing.  I’m eating well, and I’m eating lots, but I constantly feel like I have this hole in my stomach that can’t be filled.  Meh, I shall just see what happens next week.

I’m trying to limit my time at the pub again this week, and have done really well so far.  Only went down on Monday night, and didn’t have any alcohol of which I am inordinately proud!  Everyone was down there, in particular Miss Crazy and Mr Stretch and I haven’t seen much of him lately, so it was nice to see him again and we had a great time.  I did end up leaving the pub covered in stamps though. Hmmmm *plotting my revenge now mwahahaha*

I want to say a big thankyou to Marshmallow and Miss Mum for their comments on the last post.  Marshmallow I will take that hug thanks :)  Miss Mum in response to your question – DO I REALLY WANT IT??? YES. Yes I really do want it.  No more of this half arsed attempt anymore, I’m putting everything back into it.  But I’m going to try and keep some semblance of a life going.  I need to learn how to do it all in moderation.  Maybe not the exercising in moderation though hmm?  And Miss Mum believe me, when it comes time for that size 14 dress, you are going to be coming shopping with me for it and be the first to see me in it.  I just want to say that I honestly couldn’t do this without your support.  And before I get too sappy I shall leave this post here for the day.  And come back next time a happier Tina again.


  • Marshmallow

    November 9, 2006 at 3:50 pm

    Great to hear that you’re feeling better, Tina!

    Perhaps you can set up some sort of reward system for every time that you don’t go to the pub? Perhaps put away the cost of one drink somewhere and then when you’ve reached a certain amount, you can get yourself a Not-Going-To-The-Pub reward? I suggested this to one of my friends and it kiiiiinda worked… in that they didn’t go to the pub for about a month and saved about $200NZ – but then what did they do with the $200? They went to the pub. *smack*

    One other thing, I want to thank YOU for being so sweet for this. It resulted in this!

  • Hayley

    November 13, 2006 at 5:22 pm

    Oh, and BTW (following on from comment on yr destructive friends post), REAL FRIENDS treat you like Miss Mum – she’s a keeper 😉

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