12WBT pre-season task #4 – Gear up

Where will I be training over the 12WBT program?

I will be training in various places over the course of the next 12 weeks (and many months beyond) so my plan is to do the following:

C25K program

This will involve running. For that I have chosen the Parnkalla Trail, which runs almost right past my front door and around to a gorgeous little beach. Just the right length for me to do a good workout. Towards the end of the program I may need to revise this and extend my track to something with a bit more distance.

Zumba at home

I already have the Zumba dvd’s so I will be able to safely do these at home. I will also throw in a couple of Jililan Michaels and Michelle Bridges dvd’s that I have, as well as incorporating some Wii Fit. My house is already set up to accommodate this.


I’m already doing this twice a week and will continue to, at the local pool. When I go straight from home it’s a nice quick walk there, otherwise it’s a drive from work. I’m also going to be incorporating some aquaerobics into the mix once a week, after I’ve done my swim.

What equipment do I have and still need:

  • Equipment I have:
    • Good quality training shoes
      They aren’t Adidas, but they’re great shoes and all ready to get some more action.
    • A new training outfit, don’t forget a cap/visor if training outside
      Desperately waiting to get my 12WBT 30 Plus Crew shirts to give me a bit of added umph to my workouts, but other than that, I’ll be re-using a lot of my current gear. Not going to buy new stuff when I’ll grow out of it so soon.
    • Heart rate monitor (not essential)
      So very essential for me. I have two now. Henry my blue Polar F7 buddy who is now to be used exclusively for the pool and Hettie my Polar FT4 who will be used for anything out of the water.
    • Ipod (not essential)
      Also essential for me. I have three iPods, so I’m pretty much set there, with some good tracks for working out on.
    • HTC Desire phone
      Also essential, and ready to go with apps installed – My Fitness Pal and also RunKeeper to help me track my exercises.
    • Some workout DVDs
      Got lots to choose from and Wii Fit games etc.
    • Equipment I need:
      • Water bottle
        I do believe I need a new one of these, something that’s going to hold a good amount of water, but be easy to run with.
      • A small set of dumbbells, 3, 4 or 5kg depending on how hard you want to push yourself
        Currently I only have 1kg weights at home, and this is just not going to do it for me, especially as I really am desperate to tone my arms up. So I’m going to invest in some 3kg & 5kg weights to start with and later get some 7kg & 10kg weights.
      • A portable step. Just like they use in step class.
        I have my Wii Fit, and apparently you can get steps that go on the bottom of these, so I may just invest in those rather than a whole separate set of steps. Barring that I could just use the steps that we have in our hosue.

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  • Amanda

    February 4, 2012 at 2:38 am

    Haha Tina, I’m totally with you on the essentials: music is a must – although occasionally I like to chuck the headphones (don’t forget to get yourself a comfortable set of headphones for outdoors!!) and it can be extremely relaxing for a change! Best of luck! Exciting times. Oh – and you can do some fab exercises on a ‘step’ that you can’t do on a ‘stair’ … so if you can get those Wii ‘step’ thingies, might be really worthwhile. You are SO ORGANISED!! You’ll be ticking off those rewards in no time!!

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