Back on the losing streak

As you can see below I have posted my monthly measurements here in CC rather than over at Calorific. I have decided not to continue with Calorific anymore, and from now on all info, good, bad, rants, raves, weigh-ins, weekly exercise (or lack of exercise) plans will all go on this blog. What can I say, I’m too damn lazy to keep the two blogs up, and I don’t really use Calorific much anyway. So I have also incorporated my stats, weekly weigh in and rewards list onto this sidebar. Much easier to keep it all in one place. So enjoy.

I’m a very very happy girl this week. After last weeks blowout, and putting on 400gm, which vaguely depressed me and pretty much made me just want to stay away from my blog, because I felt like a failure, I come back this week with a renewed devotion to eating right and GTTG (going to the gym, for those of you who missed my first gttg post). I realise that a loss shouldn’t be what inspirses me to keep, or rather, become motivated again, but for me this works. I have felt pretty much in the bad funks lately, and couldn’t drag myself out of it. But seeing my loss last night and then seeing my loss in CM’s also helped to cheer me up a little.  It almost made me want to go and have a drink, but considering that I managed to limit myself to just 2 alcoholic drinks all weekend, I’m not about to go out and bugger up the weight loss by guzzling down buckets of booze. Hmm now there’s a thought for the future, buckets of booze……

I felt a little bad because Miss Moody came in with me for weigh in, just to give me moral support should I have put weight on but unfortunately it was me who ended up giving out the moral support as Miss Moody has been putting weight on rather than losing it. I actually felt guilty for losing weight. Which pisses me off a little. I worked hard at the gym last week and was constantly watching what I put in my mouth and so I think I deserve this loss. Miss Moody is making a different excuse every day as to why she was eating crap, or why she hasn’t been to the gym and then she wonders why she is not losing weight. So we have made a pledge that we are going to go to the gym together at least twice this week. Which means a 5:45am start for me *ARGHHH*. But I love Miss Moody and I really want her to be happy again, so I think a 5:45am start is worth it. I think lol. Let’s see how that goes.

Well sorry for the rant everyone I’m off to do more work and I shall leave you with my monthly measurements below. πŸ™‚

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  • Marshmallow

    November 15, 2006 at 12:27 pm

    Firstly, you should NEVER feel guilty that you’re losing weight! My friend Sarah-I and are fantastic exercise buddies, though she infrequently grumbles about how I’m losing weight while she gains it; from a jealousy perspective. I don’t make her feel bad for not losing, and I know that she does deserve to since she works hard at it (a skinny fiancee who eats like a horse doesn’t help!). Its great to hear that you’re turning this into an alliance that will benefit both of you – gym trips together will be a great way to get you to the gym! πŸ™‚ (And remember, if you want to join in on Push-And-Be-Pushed, let me know!)

    It was great to look at your measurements, you’ve definitely made progress! πŸ˜€

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