Beginning to hate weigh ins

Today’s daily food intake…

Weigh in day

Previous weight: 106.8kg.
Today’s weight: 106.9kg.
100g gain

Warning: Issues of a feminine nature ahead…

So today was weigh in day and after my sneak peak on Sunday I’d really amped things up, was totally within my calorie range and did exercise every day (twice yesterday, burning 808 calories which for me is quite a lot), so I thought for sure that I’d lose a little weight. That was my aim, not to have a massive loss like last week, but to at least lose something. And really, I should have. I shouldn’t have gained 400g when I weighed myself last Sunday, because the truth is, while I might have had a steak sandwich and chips on Wednesday and I might have had Salt and Pepper Squid for lunch on Saturday, I’d still come in at a deficit and in general had been exercising and eating well.

So you can imagine how pissed off I was when I got on the scales this morning, expecting (hoping) to see a bit of a loss, and instead seeing a gain. Yes okay, it was only a 100g gain from last week, but FFS!!! I could have cried. There was the one side of my brain, being rational and saying, “you can’t always count on your body to fall in with the science of losing weight” – but then there was the other side of my brain saying “come on (Lleyton Hewit style) I’ve done everything right, I’ve eaten well, I’ve not eaten chips or any of the other food I adore and I’ve exercised till I thought I was going to fall over (or drown)”. But there was no changing those scales. They were where they were, and they weren’t going down.

So I was trudging around all sad and glum and mentally berating my body for being such a crapola body and went to the toilet only to discover that it was once again TTOTM for me. I know that this shouldn’t come as a shock when it happens, but considering I’m on the pill and I only just finished my last cycle about 1 ½ weeks ago, I was a little shocked. Not to mention even more peeved off with my body. At least I know now why I gained weight (I tend to always gain weight, stay the same or have minute losses at that time), but now I’m left wondering what’s going wrong with my body that I’m getting my period again. All in all it’s been a pretty crapola day for me and left me feeling very disheartened.

So to cheer myself up, Mick and I went out for dinner tonight. There’s something very soothing in having dinner by the ocean, I could do it every day of the night. Oh and the one glass of wine I had with dinner certainly went down a treat. I could easily have gone with more. I admit, that today I have gone over my 1200 calories (by a whole 81 calories) but every single one of them has been worth it.

Wine and dinner on the beach – can you get better than that?

Kinkawooka mussel pot – before

Kinkawooka mussel pot – after (notice the empty wine glass too…)

But I persevere and tomorrow is another day – with an Australia Day public holiday to boot. So rather than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, Mick and I are going out to the national park and we’re going to climb some hill and look at some monument. (I think I’d prefer to go to Tunarama myself, but there’s still three days of that left…)

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