Seduced by the tv

On the weekend Mick and I decided to get ourselves a Christmas present a little early – a new flat screen LCD TV. I have to admit that I have been bombarding him for a while now with, can we get a new tv, can we get one, are we there yet, are we there yet…… I’m not sure if it was Mick actually wanting a new TV or just wanting to shut me up, but finally he gave in and we got ourselves the TV. It’s lovely. It has Netcast, so yeehar, I can go and watch YouTube videos on the TV now (just what I always wanted??), and it also has Telstra BigPond movies, so I can use my credit card, order a movie and there it is just waiting for me to watch. So I tried it out with some really dodgy Lindsey Lohan movie (it was the cheapest one) – and apart from being such a crap movie, I just am not sure if I like the idea of ordering movies over the TV. I mean it is handy, but the selection of movies wasn’t so super fantastic that I just HAD to do it, but maybe it will improve as it gets more popular?

So when we were setting up the TV, we plugged our stereo into it, like we had with our old one, expecting to be able to hear better sound, but alas, who knew (certainly it wasn’t something we thought of), that a digital TV doesn’t output sound through an analogue stereo – probably something we should have considered. So were we content to just listen to the sound that comes out of the TV itself? Of course not. So then we had to hunt down a surround sound system. This whole TV project was turning out to cost a lot more than either of us expected. Finally, tonight, we bought a surround sound system – Sony, with BluRay player, iPod integration, wanky feature, another wanky feature – I think you get the picture. We are set.

You know what? I was just too tired by that point to care. All I wanted was a flat screen TV. Simple. What did I get? Flat screen TV, new TV cabinet (less storage space), new BluRay player with surround sound, and the knowledge that I’m not as up to date with digital things as I used to be, and the putting together of audio equipment, isn’t easy for me anymore – I’m turning into my mother who always asked me how to put things together. I was tempted to call my niece and ask her if she knew how to do it – she is young, surely she would know?

So excuse me, posting is now going to be a lot harder, because I have to spend time with my new TV, getting acquainted with all it’s wanky new features 🙂

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