She Lives!

Yes it’s true people.  I am alive.  I realise that this site has been pretty dismal lately.  But life has gotten in the way of me actually having time to post about said life, and it’s really taken a lot of my time away from going around and reading and commenting on all of your wonderful blogs out there.  So let’s re-cap on the last couple of weeks.

Week 1:  I started off by going to the gym 3 Friday’s ago, to go for my Biggest Loser induction.  They are running a little mini competition, where you can gain points by going to special classes and gain points for losing centimetres and also gain points by going to your personal slimming sessions. Which in theory is a great idea.  So I signed up with enthusiasm, ready to get back on that blasted wagon I keep falling off, only to up and fall off again by Tuesday.  That was when “The Big Move” happened.

So my sister phoned me up and told me she wanted to move, and did I want to take over her unit, because it’s cheap and I can have pets there (my dog Spike, didn’t really want to give him away to anyone), and I thought yeah.  Great idea, it’s time for me to move on.  So we agreed, that in 4 weeks, she’d move out, and I’d move in.  That lasted 1 1/2 days, until I got a call from my stepmum telling me she had signed a lease on a new place and could I move in that weekend.  Well .Umm.  No.  Not really, I don’t have the bond ready, I was kind of planning on moving in 4 weeks.  Not 4 freakin days. But somehow things got worked out, so I moved.  Not that weekend, but mid-week of the following week.  Which brings me up to:

Week 2.  I moved.  And then I started sorting my new place out.  So many of my things had been packed down for so so long, I had no idea what I had, and I had no idea just how much I had.  It was right about this time that I thought maybe I have made a mistake.  Maybe I should have gotten a house, rather than a unit.  But I persevered, and managed to get nearly everything unpacked.  I say nearly, because the spare room still looks a little like a bomb has hit it and it’s really not set up properly.  The bed is up and the desk is in place, but everything in between is still NOT RIGHT.  But the rest of the place is in order, so that’s what counts.  Which brings me up to:

Right now!  Last Tuesday was my birthday.  I turned 31, had a fantastic night and ended up having dinner with my favourite people, all the ones I love, who I knew would turn up for my birthday anyway (after my little hissy fit a couple of weeks ago, and cancelling it etc etc), and then I went out to drinks with those who couldn’t make it to dinner due to other commitments.  It was a FANTASTIC night.  Didn’t drink so much that I go ragingly drunk, but had enough to drink that I had a great time anyway.  I shall be posting photos soon.  Then I woke up on Wednesday and I had lost my voice.

Which my dear friends, is why I haven’t been posting.  I haven’t been at work, and I still don’t have a phone connected at home to be able to log onto the internet with, and I’ve been at home, sick, doing nothing.  Except staring at my lovely new unit, and trying to decide if I like the layout.  Oh and slavering over the Ikea catalogue, trying to decide what dining table to get.  But I’m better now, back at work, and getting ready for a great week of posting and exciting stuff.  Well okay maybe not so much exciting stuff, but a great week of posting and catching up on all your blogs.

God it’s good to be back and blathering again. xoxoxo

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