Vicious circles

After all my bitching and whining about how much I hated men, in particular Mr English and Mr Hottie you would think that I would manage to keep my hands away from them.  Or at the very least I would learn not to drink around them.  Not to allow myself to get dragged into conversations that I KNOW (and I knew where the conversations were going to lead, even if I pretended I didn’t) are going to drag me into the gutter.  But have I learnt?  No of course I bloody well haven’t.

But this time, rather than getting all sad and depressed over the fact that I keep having these one night stands, I’m going to accept it.  And admit that I had a great time with both of them, and I’m going to savour it.  I refuse to let these two bring me down.  They wanted sex, I wanted sex, we all got sex, so we should all be happy.  And I know those two are happy so why shouldn’t I be?  Huh huh?  Go on just disagree with me lol.

Miss Mum has decided that I have a new nickname.  She is calling me Toys ‘R’ Us now.  She seems to think that I have become a toy that is passed between the two of them.  I kinda hate to admit it, but she is a little right.  I had a lot of time on my hands yesterday to think.  So I did.  And it’s true.  I have become their little toy, that they pass back and forth between them.  And when they get bored, they put me in the toybox, take out the better toys to play with, and every now and then, I get to come out of the toybox to play for a night or two.  I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this.

I kinda know now why you should never ever sleep with two guys who are best friends.  Hmmm.  So have I learnt my lesson yet?  Umm No.  In a word.  Nope.  Will I do it again next time we all sit around getting drunk and talking about blowjobs?  Yes.  And will my friends all think that I’m a skank?  Yes probably.  Will I think I’m a skank?  Yes.  And do I give a damn anymore what people think of me?  HELL NO! I’m 31, single, and my body is mine to do what I want to do with it, or who I want to do it with…….

On that note, have a lovely day everyone.  I’m off to do some work.  And hopefully have some spare time this week to actually put up a post or two.

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