When everything gets smaller

I suppose one of the things that you should expect when you start dieting and going to the gym is that some things may get bigger (see my previous Muscle Mania post) but some things get smaller.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am talking breasts!

Now it is a little disconcerting to find that my bras are starting to not look just right anymore and that I have to buy new ones.  ‘Lo and behold what happens when I go to get a new one?  I have to go down a size, oh but not just sizewize, but I get to go down a full cup size too.

This does not exactly enthrall me because damnit I didn’t really have that much to start with, to start losing what I do have now is just not fair.  Come on, something has to give, I’m doing the right stuff and I’m getting punished for it.  (Okay maybe a slight exaggeration there, but still.)

So that was my disconcerting thought for the day.  I’m about to leave work and go and see Miss Perky so she can be evil to me, and make me lose more of my boobs, that I don’t already have……

 P.S. On a plus – I got weighed last night for my first official week of Slimplicity.  I lost 1.3kgn so I’m kinda chuffed (mind you it probably all came off my freakin’ chest!!!!!)

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