Why isn’t chocolate healthy?

I had this horrible horrible craving for chocolate today.  Not just any old chocolate.  But Cadbury’s fruit & nut chocolate.  I love that.  When I’m feeling down, or hungry or having a cup of coffee or just because.  I’m not a real big chocolate fan to start with, I usually prefer savoury things, but when I want chocolate that’s what I want.

I had a pretty bad weekend, on the drinking front.  Started off okay, but degenerated to a blathering mess by Sunday night (I vaguely remember feeling one of the bar staffs arms and being mesmerised and quite excited by them…. must remember to apologise for that).  So anyway, bad weekend, and seriously bad situation at home have led to me:

  1. skipping weigh in last night – I just could not face any more bad news, and I think I may have put weight on, so I just pretended it wasn’t weigh in night.
  2. having cravings for Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate.  Which I am sorely tempted to give into.

And why shouldn’t I give in?  I ask you this.  Why is Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate NOT a healthy treat to have?  Why doesn’t quite meet the nutrional needs for a healthy snack?  Personally I think that it does – you’ve got your protein in the nuts, fruit, well obviously it being a fruit and nut bar, and then dairy as well.  So essentially if you eat it with a bit of bread, (melted over toast yum) you’ve got your 5 food groups.  So how could that not be healthy?  I think I have just about talked myself into going and getting a block of it 🙂

Five Food Group Pyramid

Update: 3:03pm – You should never ever go to the canteen after you have just written a post about getting chocolate.  Not even in the guise of going there to make sure you get the last sushi pack for dinner tonight.  No you shouldn’t.  Why you ask?  Because you end up coming back with chocolate.  Not even the Cadbury’s fruit & nut kind no.  You come back with White Chocolate covered RASPBERRY BULLETS!!!!!  I can’t even try to make them sound like they belong in the 5 food group pyramid.  I’m doomed…..  But they are soooo good……..


  • steph

    November 24, 2006 at 12:06 pm

    I think chocolate of any sort should be exempt from the list of “junk” foods.
    We’re women. We need it. Nuff said.

  • Marshmallow

    November 27, 2006 at 12:28 pm

    Oh YUM! White chocolate covered raspberry bullets! DEEEEEELISH!

    Of course, the main problem with chocolate is the sugar – making it incredibly energy dense which is probably why you can’t classify it as a nutritional snack (blast!)

    Moderation, moderation *sigh*

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