12WBT day fifteen – slack day *acknowledged*

Yes everyone, today was a slack day. Still did good eating choices, but didn’t do any exercise. Am in quite a bit of pain thanks to it being that time of the month and there really wasn’t a whole lot of motivation on my part to get out there and cause myself more pain. Gearing up to do a big super smash it Saturday and Sunday this weekend though. So that’s all from me today, here are the daily stats:

FoodCalories in
BAll bran, ½ cup milk & banana 316
S1 vanilla Forme satisfy yoghurt90
LTurkey & swiss cheese wrap with cranberry sauce225
SMandarine & 1 WW Cherry Bakewell167
DChicken stir fry (285) & banana muffin444

ExerciseCalories out

No exercise today0
Calories surplus/defecit-595

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