12WBT pre-season task #7 – Organise and diarize




Monday 6.30-7.30am RFBR program (shuffle)
  5.30-6.30pm Jillian Michaels – 30 day shred or Zumba dvd
Tuesday 6.30-7.30am RFBR program (shuffle)
  5.30-6.30pm Swimming and aquaerobics
Wednesday 6.30-7.30am RFBR program (shuffle)
  5.30-6.30pm Softball training. When softball ends, replace with a bike ride
Thursday 5.30-6.30pm Swimming
Friday 6.30-7.30am RFBR program (shuffle)
Saturday Morning RFBR program (shuffle) and Zumba dvd
  1-3pm Softball. When softball ends, rest
Sunday All day Rest day! Ahhhh…


After my disastrous attempts at exercising after finding the pool closed yesterday I have decided that I am going to have a few back-up plans for "just in case"

  • If it is pouring down with rain in the mornings when I’m going to go for my shuffle I will instead chuck on either a Jillian Michaels, Michelle Bridges or Zumba dvd and do this inside. When finances allow I’m going to look into perhaps hiring a treadmill for indoor use.
  • Again, if the swimming pool is closed I will either:
    1. Go to one of the numerous beaches surrounding me and swim in the ocean – weather permitting
    2. Go home and do an exercise dvd of the toning variety
    3. If I have invested in a gym membership by then (a slight possibility) I will head to the gym to do a class and weights.

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