Date deconstruction

Okay so last night was the big date. And it went surprisingly well. Internet guy (he’s not a permanent fixture in my life, so he doesn’t get a proper name – yet), and I met at the local pub, in the carpark, because we had spent so much bloody time the previous night trying to work out where we were going to go on this grand date of ours, without coming up with anywhere, we decided this was just going to have to do – meet at the pub and decide from there. So we met at the pub, and as he walked over to me I’m thinking – No way are you 5′ 11″…. And I was right. He’s not.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know I KNOW, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I’m proof enough of that (so I like to think anyway, though given friend problems lately, perhaps I’ve been fooling myself), but come on. I’m 5′ 7″, so I’m the one who tends to be taller than her friends. I like guys who are taller than me. And Internet Guy isn’t taller than me. Though I have to admit, I didn’t stand so close to him at any given point last night that I could guarantee that (I suppose to be fair). But anyway, we met up, and after my initial shock at “Oh he’s not very tall”, I thought all is good, I’ll give it a go, be nice.

So we got in his car (lesson number one people, don’t be as stupid as me, and get in strange mens cars. Cos you never really know do you…..), and decided to go to Norwood to have coffee. No alcohol, which I’m sure you all realise for me is a strange concept. So we’re driving along heading off for our coffee and talking talking talking, and I stopped and realised at some point along the way, just how comfortable I was with this guy. There were none of those horrible awkward silences that you get with people you have just met, there really was none of that. But maybe that’s partly because in the back of my mind was Mr Driller. Yes I admit it. While I was with Internet Guy I was thinking about Mr Driller, wishing I was on a date with him again and comparing it to how different our “dates” were.

So anyway, we talked and got along well. We laughed a lot and at one point for some reason I’m not sure why I touched him on the arm. And he has nice arms!!!! (I’m an arm girl, I like guys to have good arms) and he passed the arm test anyway.

So we finished our coffee and then headed back to our area, and sat in his car talking for a while. Turns out I live next door to his ex-girlfriend, that was funny. And then we decided that we should probably see each other again. So I don’t know when we are going to, but we are going to catch up again. As for if anything more will develop with Internet Guy, well I dunno. I’m keeping my options open at this point. Not ready for anything serious, and hell I’m heading off to Denmark in 3 weeks, so it’s a bad time to be starting something.

But at least it’s a start…..

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