Uneventful isn’t a bad thing

Today’s daily food intake…

Had quite the uneventful day today. Nothing exciting, nothing earth shattering, nothing at all really.

Which isn’t to say that’s a bad thing. Sometimes uneventful, plain days are a good thing. No stress, no crap, just a good old fashioned take it easy kind of day.

so that was today. Went to work, sat at my desk, fought with getting our company website (which I’m currently re-developing) to work with IE6 (not all that successfully actually), went home, got our meal plan ready for next week and did food shopping.

But the one thing that I did learn about myself today is a bad habit that I had no idea I have. When I build websites I go into a little world of my own. I will sit and obsessively code away for hours, working on one problem – again obsessively – until it’s fixed. When I’m in that little world at home I quite often forget about food, I’ve been known to go all day without eating when I’m doing things like this. But at work, it’s a different story. I’ve always had snackies at work. Maybe lollies, or chips, or nuts – something. And I still haven’t cleaned that draw at work out, so at the moment there is a little snack-pot of nuts in my draw.

As I sat down this morning and opened up my programs and started working on the website, I almost instinctively reached into the draw to grab out the snack-pot, so that I could nibble on the things in there as I worked. Thankfully I stopped myself in time, because that’s a high calorie snack-pot I have sitting there. It made me stop though, and that was when I realised that it’s a habit of mine. Not a habit at home, but it’s a habit at work, which I’m going to put down to the fact that when I was living in Adelaide my jobs were, shall we say, on the stressful side – and to combat this I would eat. And eat a lot. I don’t have that same problem here, my job here is great, I love the work and I have the freedom to work at my own pace without someone breathing down my neck, but apparently, I brought my bad Adelaide habits with me.

So the snack-pot is gone. Now I just have to start trying to remember that it’s not the thing to snack while I’m working.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a list of excuses that I need to work out and write down. I hate this pre-season task, but love it at the same time, because it really makes me think.

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