The fog is lifting

Well I’ve had a very quiet month on the blog front. I really just haven’t wanted to read, quilt, exercise, blog, do anything really. I realise that I was probably back in the land of depression, that I’m still there, but the fog is slowly starting to clear and I’m feeling a little bit better

Happy new year

Just wanted to post quickly to say happy new year to everyone. Busy busy busy here trying to organise my life for the next year. I really don’t like being unorganised, but every year I tend to get more and more unorganised so this year, I’m trying to plan a few things out. As well

I need a tree

First off I would just like to say thank you very much to both Marshmallow, Chris and Linda for their kind words yesterday. When I woke up this morning and saw your comments you put a smile on my face and Marshy your Hugs just brought a warm feeling to me. When you think everything

Christmas is cancelled

No seriously people. Christmas is cancelled this year. My mum told me so today, when she said that she was no longer coming around for traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Why is it that at this time of the year when people are supposed to be happy, merry, cheery, bright and loving, it always turns out