Guys I go for

So I had lunch with Miss Moody last week and we decided to sit down and go through all the men that I have had something to do with.  Well all the people that I have slept with.  And then we decided to categorise them.  I was so certain that there would be one or

Find a guy

I found this over at Gems site and I thought it was lovely, so I’m posting it here too. It’s so true as well if we (okay if I) could only ever stop to think of this when dealing with guys. Find a GUY … Who calls you beautiful instead of hot. Who calls you

My celibacy

So after much soul searching I have decided that 2007 is going to be about me.  And ME only.  Therefore I have decided further that I want nothing more to do with men for the next 12 months.  Lets see just how much more crap or less crap life is without men involved.  I personally